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Boswellia Serrata

Most Ayurvedic texts discuss the anti-inflammatory properties of this illustrious member of the frankincense family. It has become a popular herb for joint pain, but research in Germany suggests that it also reduces edema associated with brain cancer. It is also an excellent parasiticide, and preliminary in vitro tests indicate that it has antifungal properties.

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Essential Oil, certified organic, 5 ml.

Frankincense contains approximately 200 different chemicals and the properties vary enormously according to habitat and climate. It has long been recognized as one of the resins of choice for lifting consciousness towards the divine. Though often used as an incense, it can be taken internally in extremely small amounts, about one drop in a quart or liter of water that is sipped over two to three days. The oil has antiparasitic properties and can be handy when traveling. Boswellia serrata, the Indian frankincense, can be used topically on fungal infections of the skin and inflammatory conditions. It can also be added to a mouthwash or used to make your own mouthwash. Because of its gumminess and thickness, Boswellia Essential Oil should not used in nebulizing diffusers.

Ingredients: steam distilled certified organic Boswellia serrata oleogum resin.

Bioethika Oils,

Boswellia Serrata Bulk Resin

Boswellia Serrata Bulk Resin, 8 oz.

Boswellia serrata is a type of frankincense, but not the same species used in most Western incenses and rituals. However, it is also highly regarded as a spiritual plant and is often grown in temples in India.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Boswellia serrata resin.

Banyan Botanicals,

Boswellia Serrata Extract, 2 oz.

Boswellia Serrata, 2 oz.

Research in Germany suggests that boswellia reduces edema in the brain. The herb is also an excellent parasiticide and should be considered for those who suspect brain parasites.

This product is made from the resin of an Indian frankincense.

30 drops 3 times a day or as directed by your health care provider. Shake well before using. Since boswellia is very bitter, the drops can be taken with a small amount of honey.

Ingredients: Organically grown Shallaki resin in certified Organic Grain Alcohol.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary,

Ethically Wildcrafted Boswellia Serrata Suitable for Vegetarians

Boswellia Serrata, 60 tablets, 500 mg.

Boswellia is an Indian frankincense that is grown in temples and also found in the wild. It produces a resin that can be harvested without harming the tree. This resin is used medicinally as well as in incense. It is anti-inflammatory and is often taken for joint pain and is hence considered an herb for vata complaints. However, research in Germany suggests that boswellia reduces edema in the brain. The herb is also an excellent parasiticide and should be considered for those who suspect brain parasites.

Take 1 (500 mg) tablet, two to three times per day with meals or as directed by your health care practitioner.

Not to be combined with COX-2 inhibiting drugs or immune suppressing agents.

Ingredients: 500 mg. sustainably wildcrafted Boswellia serrata resin: 85% (425 mg.) boswellic acids, 5% AKBA, plus cellulose, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, crosscarmelose sodium, magnesium stearate, vegetable glaze. No animal ingredients. Non-irradiated. No solvents, no BPA, organic cotton stuffing.

Savesta Life,

Empty Vegicaps - 500 count - 650 mg

Empty Vegicaps "00", 500 count

Vegetable capsules are made from carbohydrate gum derived from naturally occurring vegetable cellulose, or plant fiber (in particular, pine plant cellulose). 100% free from animal by-products and preservatives, these certified kosher vegetable capsules do not interfere with digestion and absorption of the ingredients within. The average fill weight is 650 mg.

Ingredients: Vegi-caps are made of 100% vegetable cellulose USP. They do not contain any animal products or preservatives.


The Capsule Machine

The Capsule Machine

This device is not exactly a "machine" but rather a handy way to fill capsules. One tray holds the larger end of the capsule in an upright position so that the top is level with the surface where the powder is put. The powder is then moved back and forth until the capsules are full. A tamping device for packing down the powder is included. Once full, the capsules are raised so that the caps can be put on. With a little experience, this process goes quickly, allowing hundreds of capsules to be filled in a surprisingly short time.

Ingredients: Contains tray for 24 capsules with pusher for filling empty capsules.


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